Who we are and what we can do for you.

Mission Statement

To streamline the creation, control and distribution of marketing documents using constructive imagination, teamwork, and technology.

Inspiration & Innovation

At ColorQuick, we know that our work is helping people communicate. By combining a creative process with Internet technology, a culture that has produced a number of breakthrough products and unique features has resulted.

The entire process starts with meeting a need - yours. So, we start by listening very carefully to you, our customer, in order to better appreciate the challenges you face. Together we identify the key issues or barriers to improving your graphic communications process - and then we get creative. We research best practices that relate to the issue, explore different technologies and workflows, and come up with possible solutions.


Frequently the result involves involves implementing a multi-channel solution that includes the coordinated use of

  • conventional print for point-of-purchase or direct mail
  • ads for magazines, radio, or television
  • e-mail
  • web graphics
  • sharing to social media sites and linking to customized web pages

Since all of ColorQuick’s services are Internet or “web” based, our product offerings are truly “Web-to-World.”

Working together, a communications plan is then “roughed out” so that you can add your input and refine our ideas. There is no end to this process; it is one of continuous improvement, so we keep working with you to continually upgrade your experience, and make the job of economically getting your message out easier and faster.

ColorQuick Brands

Intellectual Property

Being a leader in web-to-print technology since 2000, ColorQuick has developed a host of new processes uniquely designed to leverage the Internet for document production and distribution. Some of our most important breakthroughs have been, or are in the process of being, patented.

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Tools for Success

ColorQuick has developed a complete "toolbox" for the graphic communication professional to take advantage of the power of Internet-based production and web-to-print technology. By combining our different services and applications, very cost effective and fast production services can be created to suite a wide variety of needs.

For instance, Toyo Tires used The Vault, our own digital asset management system, combined with Improv, our web-based composition application, to create an ad builder and media distribution site for their dealer network. Saks Fifth Avenue has used the Quickmail and Improv applications to create a web-to-mail application that allows them to go from approved creative to mailed product in 48 hours! Other customers have combined our different tools to create workflows that meet their individual requirements from shipping to accounting and fulfillment.

How can our tools help you? The answer to that question is found in the creative process that drives our innovative process. By reusing the modules we have already created, we can provide you customized workflows at a fraction of the cost and with a minimum of trouble and risk normally associated with software development and implementation.

Take a look at our feature-rich set of web-based applications and services and think about how they can make your job easier. Give us a call if you have any questions, or ideas to make our toolbox better or more complete.